WECAN User Agreement

【WECAN】 User Agreement
Welcome to apply for the rights and obligations between WECAN users (hereinafter referred to as "users") and [WECAN] (hereinafter referred to as "WECAN") and constitute the contractual relationship between users and WECAN. Please read the following terms of service first:
If the user clicks the [Agree] option or continues to complete the account activation process or continues to use the [WECAN] service, it is deemed that the user has read and agreed to all of the following terms of use.

I. [WECAN] service
1. [WECAN] service (hereinafter referred to as the service) is an e-commerce service transaction platform that provides transactions between users and service providers. The service only provides the website space, trading platform and trading system mechanisms and services related to network required by the service transaction between users and service providers. In the event of service suspension caused by natural disasters or force majeure, WECAN does not have to bear any losses for user.
2. WECAN only provides this service to users according to this contract, for users to open and operate the network platform according to the transaction mode and related mechanisms set by this service, and take responsibility for one's own profit and loss.
3. If the user has disputes with the service provider during the use of the service, both parties must coordinate in private and perform full responsibility and fulfill expense for the service transaction. WECAN does not participate in or intervene in service transactions and disputes between user and the service provider. WECAN does not guarantee the quality of the services and products, safety or legality appearing on WECAN.
4. All the software and hardware devices, network connections and bandwidth required by the user are built and burdened by the user when users utilizing the service.
5. When using the service, users should follow in accordance with the methods and procedures set by the service at that time.

II. Account and password
1. The user must guarantee that the information provided to WECAN and all the information retained in the service system are complete, correct and consistent with the current situation; if any information is found to be inconsistent or the information is changed afterwards, WECAN will specify the time limit and inform the user of modifying or suspending the account and password obtained by the user, and shall suspend the performance of all or part of this contract, or terminate the contract.
2. The users have the obligation to keep their accounts and passwords, and shall not disclose or provide their account and password to the third party, or loan or transfer to any third party. All actions taken by the user to use this group of accounts and passwords to access the service system are regarded as the user's own actions, and the user is responsible for it. WECAN does not take any responsibility.

III. Rights and obligations of users
1. The user's right is only for the user as the buyer or the seller to trade with other users. All actions and speech of the user do not represent WECAN. If the user's actions and speech violate the law or harm others or damage the reputation of WECAN, WECAN does not take any responsibility. WECAN reserves the rights to terminate this contract and cancel the user.
2. WECAN agrees to provide marketing services via the Internet or other appropriate means in such manner as it deems appropriate, as the case may be.
3. The users guarantee that they do not in any way improperly acquire, collect, process and use any personal data.
4. The user agrees that if WECAN launches relevant marketing plans, the user agrees to give priority to cooperation.
5. In order to ensure the smooth performance of the transaction, the seller must first determine whether he has any right to sell the goods or services, whether the transaction target is legal, and write down the product information and trading conditions in detail. The buyer should also examine and evaluate the information such as product description, the seller's evaluation, the delivery method and the conditions in detail before placing the order. If the order is completed, the sale and purchase agreement exists between the buyer and the seller. Both parties bear the responsibility for paying the price and delivering the goods individually, and neither party shall regret for any reason.

IV. Trading or service transactions
1. The sales amount of the user's goods is set by the service provider. The amount of the commodity items set by the service provider is at least 3%~40% (the service providers can set it by themselves) as the amount receivable for [WECAN] services.
2. For the services provided by WECAN, WECAN reserves the rights to receive and adjust the proportion of this income dividend in response to market demand and increase. The collection and adjustment of related service fees will be announced and released in WECAN and will become effective after the announcement.
3. If the user refunds the money to the user who releases requirement due to other reasons such as the user who releases requirement cancel the order, the transaction service fees charged by the transaction will not be refunded because both parties have used the WECAN platform and the transaction has been completed. .
4. After the user who release requirement place an order successfully, if there is no special circumstances, the service provider must complete the order within the time limit. If the order cannot be processed within 6 months and within one time, the system will deduct the deposit as a fine after the order violates. Calculated sequentially. Each time the deposit will be deducted by 5,000 currencies. If the deposit balance is insufficient, the balance of the service provider's account will be deducted. If the balance of the service provider's account is insufficient, the merchant service will be completely removed and the service of release for service provider will be suspended for one month.
※Special case is as follows: If the goods cannot be shipped on time due to the logistics factors (national holiday, Spring Festival holiday, natural disaster, etc.), the deposit will not be deducted.
6. If the service providers have any doubts about the fine, they can feed back through WECAN, and WECAN customer service will help them process.
7. If the user does not pick up the goods at pickup time, the goods will be returned to the service provider and the order will be cancelled, the system will refund the money (the freight is deducted) to the user, and the freight will be transferred to the service provider's account.

V. Accounting management
1. If the goods is not returned and disputed after the user receives the goods, the system will automatically transfer the money into the service providers’ account 20 days after the user confirms the order in the backstage.
2. The service provider can inquire the deposit of each order, the current accumulated deposit, and the penalty incurred from which order. If the deposit of the service provider is deducted without violation, the deposit will be settled after 90 days and be returned in full.

VI. Confidentiality obligations
1. The user shall be responsible for the confidentiality obligations of the contents of the contract, [WECAN] service system, shall not provide or disclose trade secrets and undisclosed information of WECAN that are known or held by the contract to the third party in any way, and also shall not use for other purposes. The same shall also apply after the contract is terminated or destroyed for any reason.
2. The users fully understand and agree that according to the trading mechanism of the [WECAN] service system, the users who consume via [WECAN] are all users of WECAN. All personal data and transaction data of these users are owned by WECAN and are the trade secrets of WECAN agreed in the contract. The users shall only use within the scope necessary to perform the contract or perform the transaction and also shall not provide or disclose to any third party or use for any other purpose. After the contract is terminated or eliminated for any reason, the user shall not use the personal data and transaction data of WECAN users for any other purpose and in any manner except for the provision of after-sales services, including but not limited to the purpose of marketing or promoting goods or services. .
3. If WECAN, the person in charge or employee are investigated or prosecuted by the competent authority or are be claimed the rights by the third party due to the violation of the regulations of the Article caused by the user, he shall step up to be responsible for the appropriate processing according to the requirements of WECAN, providing the necessary explanation, evidence or other assistance. WECAN shall suspend the performance of all or part of the contract and terminate the contract; If WECAN, the person in charge or employee are therefore subject to property or non-property damage or expenses, the user shall be liable for compensation or reimbursement, including and not limited to litigation fees, fines, penalties, damages or settlement, and reasonable attorneys' fees.

VII. Guarantee
1. Both parties shall guarantee that they have the necessary status, qualification, authority or permission in accordance with the law and shall legally operate their business, and fully perform the contractual agreement.
2. When the user violates the agreement or guarantee as stipulated in this contract, WECAN shall temporarily stop the user from using the service.

VIII. Special agreement
1. The payment of the service for the user is limited to the local currency and does not accept other currencies. The settlement and payment of the collection of the service is also in the local currency. When the user requests payment of the exchange, he should follow the way of exchanging for local currencies on WECAN platform and shall not require to trade in other currencies.
2. The user and the consumer shall use the service in accordance with the methods and procedures set by the service. If the user or the consumer fail to operate in accordance with the specified method or violate the Agreement or the relevant agreement of the service to cause the parties not to be able to complete the transaction, collect or pay smoothly. The company is not liable for any compensation.

IX. Limitation of liability
1. The service provides users only in accordance with the functions on that day and current conditions. WECAN does not make any express or implied warranty or guarantee for the specific needs or expectations for users; WECAN reserves the rights to modify all or part of the functions of the service at any time.
2. WECAN shall suspend or discontinue all or one of the services upon prior notice, when the relevant software and hardware equipment of the service relocate, replace , upgrade, maintain and repair.
3. Based on the characteristics of the network, WECAN does not guarantee the information uploaded or posted by the user, whose content or transmission process is true, reliable and correct. Users should confirm at their own discretion whether the message uploaded or posted is correct and back up and save by themselves. WECAN is not liable for any errors or missing data generating due to system processing, transmission process, or system backup failure.

X. Default and termination
1. Both parties agree that the users shall not have any of the following behavior:
(1). Intended to guide online consumers to conduct private transactions with users or third parties without using the trading mechanism of [WECAN].
(2). In any network platform that uses the service, set up any form of link to enable network users to connect to any online store or sales page other than [WECAN], including but not limited to other online stores that service providers have built and operated, or online stores launched in other online malls.
2. If the service provider violates all the regulations in the agreement, WECAN shall temporarily shut down the service provider's network platform and shall suspend all or part of this contract and terminate the agreement.
3. When either party suspend business, has debts, start settlement or bankruptcy proceedings, claim or conduct reorganization, or continue to perform his obligations difficultly , the other party shall terminate the contract immediately without waiting for demand.
4. In the event of termination or elimination of this contract for any reason, the consumption disputes arising from the transaction before termination or elimination, except where it is not applicable in nature, the contract is still deemed to continue existence.

XI. Contract content and its modification
1. The notices that are disclosed when the users apply for the WECAN services, the relevant rules or regulations for the use of the service, and the announcements and instructions in the system during the period of the contract are regarded as a part of the contract. The matters not specified in the contract shall be subject to the application of such notices, rules or regulations of use, the agreed content such as announcements and instructions.
2. Both parties agree that WECAN shall notify the change or modification of the contract at any time, but shall notify the users by means of system announcement. If the users do not agree to such changes or modifications, they shall stop using the service; if the user continues using the service during the period of changes or modifications, it is deemed that the user has agreed to the agreed content changed or modified. If the user does not agree to the contract content changed or modified, WECAN shall terminate the contract.

XII. Other agreements
1. The contract shall not be construed as a relationship with partnership, employment or mutual agency between WECAN and the user.
2. The exercise or non-exercise of all or part of the rights arising out of the contract does not affect the exercise of other rights, and it shall not be construed as a waiver if it is not exercised.
3. Except with the prior written consent of the other party, neither party shall transfer all or one of its rights or obligations arising out of the contract to the third party, nor shall it delegate to the third party for performance; but both parties agree, WECAN shall transfer the contract and all or part of the rights or obligations arising out of the contract to an affiliated company of WECAN, or to a third party that accepts or assigns the business or assets of the [WECAN] service.